International Award

To promote international recognition of the Society, the International Award of the Belgian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) is granted for recent scientific achievements in a selected discipline of pharmaceutical sciences.

The prize worth 2000 € is now granted bi-annually.

National and international experts nominate the candidates and select the winner. The following disciplines were already selected:

analytical chemistry, pharmacognosy, biopharmaceutics, pharmaceutical technology, medicinal chemistry, toxicology and pharmaceutical care.


History of the International Award of the Belgian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences :

Year Laureate Discipline  
2024 J. van Boven Pharmaceutical Care  
2022 D. Guillarme Analytical Chemistry  
2020 T. Lammers Innovative Therapies in Human Medicine   
2018 C. Barbas Analytical Chemistry  
2016 G. Bernardes Medicinal Chemistry  
2014 I.D. Wilson Analytical Chemistry  
2012 M. Bouvy Pharmaceutical Care  
2010 J.-L. Veuthey Analytical Chemistry  
2008 C.-M. Lehr Biopharmaceutics  
2006 B. Chankvetadze Analytical Chemistry  
2004 J.-L.Wolfender Pharmacognosy  
2002 E.S. Yeung Analytical Chemistry  
2000 Ph. Baune Toxicology  
1999 G. Gosselin Medicinal Chemistry  
1998 J. Van der Greef Analytical Chemistry  
1997 D. Crommelin Pharmaceutical Technology  
1996 R. Bauer Pharmacognosy  
1995 W. Lindner Analytical Chemistry