About the Belgian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Het Belgisch Genootschap voor Farmaceutische Wetenschappen

La Société Belge des Sciences Pharmaceutiques

The Belgian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences was founded in 1951. The Society aims at supporting and promoting research in Pharmaceutical Sciences both at the national and international level. To achieve these goals different actions were undertaken:

Young scientists are offered the possibility to present their results during the Forum for Pharmaceutical Sciences, which is organised each year. At this occasion an internationally recognised scientist is also invited for a plenary lecture.

Every second year the Society awards one of its members with the National Award of Pharmaceutical Sciences of € 1250. Ph.D. theses or equivalent scientific work can be submitted.

To stimulate active participation to international conferences, the Society attributes travel grants of max. € 700 for members aged less than 35. The number of travel grants is limited to one per person per year per department. The total annual budget varies between € 4000 and € 6000.

To promote international recognition of the Society, an International Award of € 2000 is granted for recent scientific achievements in a selected discipline of pharmaceutical sciences. National and international experts nominate the candidates and select the winner. The following disciplines were already selected: analytical chemistry, pharmacognosy, biopharmaceutics, pharmaceutical technology, medicinal chemistry, toxicology, pharmaceutical care, and innovative therapies in human medicine

The Pharmacist and Doctor NEDELJKOVIC AWARD is granted annually to a graduated pharmacist and medical doctor, appointed by the president of the faculty and based on study results of the whole curriculum.

Every 4 years ( in the past every 3 years) the BSPS organises the "International Symposium on Drug Analysis". This famous series of conferences has always been organised in Belgium (Brussels, 1983, Brussels 1986, Antwerp 1989, Liège 1992, Leuven 1995, Brussels 1998, Brugge 2002, Namur 2006, Antwerp 2010, Liège 2014, Leuven 2018, Mons 2022, and Ghent 2026) and brings together leading scientists from all over the world in the area of fundamental and applied pharmaceutical analysis.