Congress grants

Congress grants, limited to members of our Society, can cover:

  • cost of travel
  • congress registration
  • hotel costs

See below for all the conditions.

Fill in the application form and send back to the secretariat

Aanvraag BGFW Congresbeurs
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Demande de bourse de congrès SBSP
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1. Grant conditions:

  1. You have to be a Society member for at least 1 full year on the moment of the congress, and have paid the membership fee.
  2. You have to present a poster or oral communication on the congress, and have to send us the proof of abstract acceptation, and a copy of the abstract.
  3. You should not have obtained another grant for the elements you wish to cover by the BSPS-grant (as stated by the promotor or head of service).
  4. The BSPS secretariat needs to have received your application within 2 weeks after the end of the congress.
  5. You should not be older than 35 years.

2. Available Budget - Amount per grant:

  1. The available travel grant budget is fixed annually by the General Assembly. (For 2023, a total amount of € 5.000 has been fixed).
  2. For hotel costs, the maximum intervention is € 100 per night with a maximum of 5 nights. Other costs (registration, travel) can be taken into account as well. For 2023, the total amount per grant can never be higher than € 700 /person.
  3. Grants are also available for virtual/online conferences. Maximum grant is fixed at € 350.
  4. The BSPS Board can decide to suspend the assignment of congress grants for a determined period.

3. Procedures for awarding the grant:

  1. The grant awarding is always done by the BSPS Board, on the basis of the completeness of the demand, the conditions of acceptability, the available budget, and the rules of priority.
  2. Maximum 1 grant per laboratory per academic year.
  3. The following priority rules are taken in consideration:
    • preference for PhD students
    • preference for pharmacists
    • preference for candidates that fulfill the conditions for FWO/FNRS scholarships
    • preference for a candidate, affiliated to a department or laboratory that has not yet received a grant
    • preference for a candidate, affiliated to a department or laboratory where the Director is a SBSP member with a payed membership fee
  4. The allowed amount shall be transferred to the bank account indicated by the applicant, only after the congress is finished and the applicant has sent all necessary documents.